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CableLabs 4K FAQ

How do I upload my content?

We have developed a simple upload form for those that would like to participate in freely sharing next-generation video content for testing and industry-advancement purposes. The upload form is designed to give you the opportunity to disclose everything that makes your content truly innovative. It also gives you an opportunity to provide contact information. We simply ask you to provide a lower bit-rate HD file for preview purposes, along with a very high-quality 4K version of your content. This can be a pre-transcoded version using MPEG HEVC or AVC, or you can submit an Apple ProRes version. We will transcode this into two high quality versions available for download on the website. It’s that simple.

Submit your content for upload here: http://4k.cablelabs.com/upload

Are all submissions accepted?

No. We screen every submission to ensure appropriate content and quality.

I’ve downloaded the content – now what do I do with it?

CableLabs only provides this content for download, we do not provide support for playback, encoding, etc., nor do we provide recommendations. This content is intended for users familiar with next-generation video technologies.

How is this different than Vimeo or YouTube?

YouTube and Vimeo are primarily designed for consumer consumption of content for entertainment purposes in many different formats and quality variations. The CableLabs 4K site is designed to provide very high quality next generation content for the benefit of demonstrations and testing – not solely for entertainment. Our intent is to make this a marquis website for vetting next-generation content that can be available to platform developers and network operators. CableLabs has no profit interest in advertisements on the website or other for-profit use of the content. By providing next generation content for technical evaluation and platform demonstrations, we hope to benefit technology development for the content industry and stimulate further technical improvements for the overall consumer experience.

Why should I put my content here?

CableLabs has 57 cable operator members around the world, and these members distribute, and in some cases acquire and produce, content. This is a unique opportunity to gain visibility through innovative next generation content creation and sharing across the world. By sharing your video content through this site, you have the opportunity to gain unique connections directly with cable operators around the world. In addition, your content may be displayed in demonstrations at forums, shows, and conferences across the world. This is an incredible opportunity to take your content beyond the consumer to the eyes of content distributors and decision makers worldwide.

My content is already on YouTube and/or Vimeo, can I simply link to it?

The upload form provides an area for submitting an existing link to your content. If you already have an HD version and a high-quality 4K version available for download on YouTube or Vimeo, feel free to keep it there.

You have two options:

1) In the upload form, submit the links only to the content on those sites. This is a great opportunity to gain more visibility without uploading content to another site.

2) You can upload your content to the CableLabs 4K site, too. It’s likely the content was downgraded to some extent for placement on other websites. By placing your content on the CableLabs site, you highlight the high-quality product you’ve created on a site designed for demonstrating the best in innovative content production and encoding.

Who owns the right to my content if it is posted?

All content on this site (i.e., http://4k.cablelabs.com) is available freely under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives 3.0 Unported License.